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What are the Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey?

  • Property is very affordable when compared to other European countries, such as Spain,Portugal, Italy and France
  • Property prices have risen on average between 10% - 20% per year, depending on location
  • In general property is Freehold
  • Low taxes
  • No Capital Gains tax after 5 years
  • Earn up to 12% interest on savings accounts
  • Turkish Mortgages are available
  • A Growing Property Market and a stable economy
  • Cost of living is very reasonable
  • Just under a 4 hour flight from the UK
  • Budget airlines fly regularly to Dalaman airport on the Mediterranean coast and Bodrum airport on the Aegean coast
  • Turkey is working towards EU membership
  • In many cities, there is a shortage of quality housing and Turkey has a young, expanding population, with the majority of people under 35 years old, creating a need for quality housing
  • An established tourism industry (the most popular UK tourist destination for 2009 )
  • Fabulous climate and mouth-watering, healthy food
  • Rich cultural heritage
  • Infrastructure and transport system is good and constantly improving
  • Over 300 days of sunshine a year
  • Over 8000 km of stunning, unspoilt coastline and beaches
  • The Turkish government is committed to further developing tourism. Golf Tourism - 2008 saw Turkey crowned 'Best Golf Destination Of The Year In Europe' by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO)

 Why Choose Us?

  • Build quality and ensuring all properties are legally built is very important, that’s why we only work with reputable developers, which gives you peace of mind when purchasing property from us
  • We have a fantastic choice of properties for sale to suit all budgets, off-plan developments, completed properties, villas, apartments, traditional houses, rural and city centre property, beach-front property, hotel apartments, resale homes, renovation projects, hotels, and purpose built, turn-key developments perfect for investors
  • We can even source land for clients who want to build their own home and help you find commercial business premises, whether you are looking for a restaurant, bar, a retreat, a hotel or a diving school
  • After-Sales Service: We can help you after you have purchased your property, if you want to rent it, need help choosing furniture or need property or pool maintenance

 What Finance is Available to Buy Property In Turkey?

  • UK Equity Release: Many clients choose to raise money against their property in the UK
  • Turkish Mortgages: It is important to engage the right company, so that you do not waste time and money. We are happy to advise you
  • Ensure your finance is in place before you travel to Turkey: It is essential to have your finance in place before you go to look at property in Turkey. Unfortunately some people fail to do this, leaving them disappointed and unable to proceed with the purchase of their ideal property, because they had not been aware of the importance of arranging finance before going on the property viewing trip
  • Currency Exchange: We would advise you to use a currency exchange company when buying property in Turkey, as they will offer you a better exchange rate than the bank, making you substantial savings

 How Do I View Property In Turkey?

  • We can arrange a viewing trip on your behalf: We will ask you for details of the type of property you are looking for, your budget, how you plan to finance the purchase, any particular locations you prefer and whether it is for investment, a combination of a holiday home and investment property, or maybe a retirement property. These details will enable us to ensure you get maximum benefit from your time viewing property in Turkey. All property viewings will be based on your personal requirements, so you will not be shown property with other groups of people 
  • Ensure your finance is in place before you travel to Turkey to avoid disappointment and frustration if you find your perfect property
  • Viewing While on Holiday in Turkey: If you have booked a holiday in Turkey, we can arrange to meet you and show you properties. Just contact us before you depart and tell us where you are staying and we’ll do the rest
  • Stress Free, Educational and Enjoyable: Although primarily your trip to Turkey is to find a property that suits your requirements, we want you to relax, enjoy your trip and let us answer all your questions
  • We feel it’s very important that you get to experience the feel of living in Turkey, especially if you haven’t visited before, so we’ll show you a little of what this beautiful country has to offer, but promise we won’t stick to you like glue!!
  • Ultimately, it’s in our interest to ensure that you are happy with everything and that you’ve made an independent, informed decision about buying a home in Turkey

What Documents Do I Need to Purchase A Property in Turkey?

A Valid Passport

A Local Tax Number: We will take you to the tax office to obtain a local tax number for you. Your tax number is also required to open your bank account in Turkey

A Bank Account in Turkey: We can help you open a bank account in Turkey. Four Recent Passport Photographs (4cm x 6cm) available in Turkey, but if possible arrange before you travel

Do I Need A Lawyer to Buy A Property in Turkey?

It is not compulsory to use a lawyer to buy a Turkish property, however we strongly recommend you do. Ask for a quote from a lawyer before you employ their services

What Extras Do I Have to Pay For My Property in Turkey?

Military Permission Application: The cost varies in different regions. Your lawyer will be able to advise you

Purchase Tax: (4% on the declared value of your property in Turkey) this is generally split equally (2% each) between the seller and the purchaser; however in the resort areas of Turkey there is a practice of shifting this entirely to the purchaser. This should be agreed in advance between the parties and stated in the contract

Real Estate Tax: Approximately 0.2% - 0.4% per annum of the declared value of the property on the Title Deed, payable in 2 equal installments, usually March-May and in November each year. The amount varies, depending on the region and is payable to the local council. It is the duty of the property owner to declare ownership to the council and pay the real estate tax

Water and Electricity Connection Charges: It is advisable to transfer the utilities into your name as soon as you have signed the Title Deed and have legal ownership of the property

Notary fee and Translation fees:

Earthquake Insurance (DASK) is compulsory

Contents and Building Insurance: It is advisable to take out independent insurance, either with a Turkish or a UK Insurance Company. If you are going to rent your property, you need to make sure you have Public Liability Insurance as well

How Do I Pay My Household Bills for My Property in Turkey?

You can pay your household bills by standing order from your Turkish bank account, or if you have a management company, they will pay them on your behalf

Tourist Visa and Residence Permit for Foreigners

You can stay for a maximum of three months in Turkey with a 90 day multi entry tourist visa. From 10 April 2014 the new e-visa applies, so you will need to apply for this online BEFORE you travel to Turkey 


If you want to connect a telephone or buy a car in Turkey, you need to apply for a Residence Permit within 1 month of first entering the country. The Residence Permit can be issued for a period of one to five years. Ensure you have plenty of passport-sized photographs before you start applying for one.

Healthcare: Most European health insurances are accepted in Turkey, and many hospitals have very good interpreters. You can get most European medicines without a prescription at the pharmacies. The standard of medical and dental care is very high, and most regions have several new purpose built hospitals.The European health insurance card is not valid in Turkey

4 Bed | Villa | Torba Bodrum Peninsula | 48400
4 Bed | Villa | Torba Bodrum Peninsula | 48400