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LOGO Property Specialist

A professional service with a difference

We are proud to offer the following services:


  • Pre-Packaged Preferential Payment Plans for the purchase of residential real estate in Turkey
  • Independent Professional Advice for investors requiring mortgages in Turkey and real estate finance in Turkey
  • Biggest Choice and Best Terms for cross-border mortgages in Turkey - including promotional rates and terms that are not available elsewhere. Mortgages in Turkey required by foreign nationals for purchasing property in Turkey are known as 'cross-border' mortgages and are more complex and require more documentation than mortgages in Turkey provided to local buyers
  • Full Range of Services to deal with the A-Z of issues effecting mortgages in Turkey
  • Long Term Mortgage up to 20 years with interest rates in the 4% to 6.5% range and Loan-to-Value of up to 90%
  • Self - Build Off-Plan Mortgages Relatively low construction costs in Turkey make it possible to own a top end luxury home for a fraction of the acquisition cost elsewhere. The product enables a lifestyle investor to use 20 year mortgage finance for the land purchase and construction of a dream home, over a one or two year build cycle
  • Turkish mortgage legislation is very specific, so we are proud to be able to offer this product, enabling lifestyle investors to finance a £1-2 million home for a build cost of a couple hundred thousand pounds - the sale value of a semi in the UK - an exciting investment proposition

Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Pre-Qualifying Procedure is Free and Complimentary and is only available from our partners

  • Pre-Qualifying all mortgage applicants, prior to status confirmation, is performed based upon the general un-verified information an applicant provides on the form. This is a proprietary process designed specifically and only for the unique risks involved in executing mortgage applications in Turkey
  • Reduce Risk on the sourcing of real estate finance in Turkey, by accessing ALL products from ALL lenders with:
    • a simplified cost effective process for standard mortgage applications
    • a fully disclosed service for complex mortgage applications

Applicants that are unlikely to have applications accepted, or are likely to have only a marginal prospect of success, will be informed at the outset, therefore saving applicants time and fees if they are unlikely to be successful. Using this system also reduces the risks involved in duplicating various costs with different lenders, and duplicating appraisal fees

The Turkish mortgage system is new and may initially look similar to the mortgage system in your home country however the Turkish system operates differently

The PRE-QUALIFYING form is designed to deal with the differences in pre-qualifying your application for mortgages in Turkey. Using an overseas mortgage broker that uses the same general system for all overseas mortgages in all countries is not going to be effective in Turkey, and incurs additional costs and completion risks.

Please contact us for a Mortgage Pre-Qualification Form


4 Bed | Villa | Torba Bodrum Peninsula | 48400
4 Bed | Villa | Torba Bodrum Peninsula | 48400