😭 How to Prevent Costly Mistakes When Buying Property Overseas 😭

😭 How to Prevent Costly Mistakes When Buying Property Overseas 😭

1) Don’t leave your brain on the plane! Buying property overseas for holidays, permanent relocation or investment needs to be treated as a serious business transaction, otherwise, your dream will quickly become a nightmare 😢

2) Always use the services of a lawyer in the destination you choose to buy, and never transact without them, if you think you’re saving money by NOT using their professional services think again because I have met people who lost their dream property because they didn’t want to pay for legal advice 😌

3) Buy the right property for your circumstances. Quite often, that stunning, panoramic sea view might look breathtaking on a property website, but permanently relocating and living at the top of a mountain might not feel quite so exhilarating when your car breaks down, or the roads are icy in winter and neighbours are not available to help you trek up that mountain with your heavy shopping bags! 🆘

4) Always work with an agent who has professional accreditation because they are industry experts, work with integrity, and abide by specific quality standards. Please do NOT buy property or land from a waiter, shop assistant, or anyone other than an authorised property professional 🤔

5) Residency and Citizenship – BEFORE you decide to relocate to another country check the residency options for foreigners, this year there have been several significant changes in various countries, including Spain, Greece and Turkey 🌦

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